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Bring AmVie to your Organization

The AmVie coaching app is available 24/7 to help you eat better, move more, stress less, sleep more and adopt holistic habits to reach your health goals. The AmVie platform offers a natural, and holistic solution for chronic disease.

A full-stack health and wellbeing platform that strengthens your culture, motivates your people and boosts your bottom line.
For Health Plans
Data-driven engagement that educates and activates members of all ages and demographics, proactively closing care gaps and increasing satisfaction.
Hyper-personalized campaigns that drive engagement, equips your members with the tools they need to successfully adopt a holistic lifestyle.
Reach your health goals

Make the AmVie coaching app for chronic disease one of your newest employee benefit. AmVie helps you take small steps that lead to giant results. It is a gradual approach to chronic disease prevention. Our program can help you:

  • Lose weight

  • Eat better

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Manage blood sugar

  • Reduce A1C

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Get more active

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce stress

  • Lower anxiety

  • Fix acid reflux

  • Adopt holistic habits

Build a more resilient organization

AmVie improves employee well-being by promoting better health, reducing risk factors, and developing holistic habits.

amvie app l

Give employees free access to our app and full content library


AmVie offers accessible, effective content to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. Access our ever-growing content library (Self-Care Academy) from any device, anytime.

Partner with AmVie to drive meaningful engagement

Drive daily interactions that create lasting behavior change, strong social connections, and improved wellbeing and loyalty.

amvie app l
amvie app l

Unlock analytics and insights about your population

You'll get access to detailed engagement reporting to help understand usage and drive towards your long-term health goals. 

Workplace Wellness

  • 83 % of US employees feel stress due to at least one thing in their workplace.
  • 16% of workers experience work situations that have adverse effects on their sleep.
  • 70%-80% of US businesses believe fitness programs reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.
  • Stress is responsible for 20% of direct expenses.
  • 25% of workers feel exhausted after an average working day.
  • 59% of firms acknowledge that workplace wellness trends result in fewer expenses.
  • Around 20%-30% of workers feel anxious, irritated, and stressed daily or during the workweek.

How AmVie builds holistic habits

AmVie offers gradual lifestyle adjustments along with coaching

Holistic-Solution-for-Psoriatic-Diabetes symptoms-Normal blood pressure-Weight loss-Kidney stones-Asthma-Endometrial
amvie app l

It's time to create change.

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