Welcome to the fourth step of your wellness program, module 4. In this module, your goal is to balance your body's pH to a healthy (slightly alkaline) level. You will also reduce those things that make your internal environment acidic. Print out a guide form and track your progress. You'll also have access to resources to help you along. 

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How important is maintaining the acidity in your body? Dr. Berg explains what PH Level means in your body and how to keep it at a healthy level

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The pH level, the acid-alkaline measurement of our bodies, affects every cell in our body. A constantly imbalanced pH level may result in obesity, allergies, fatigue and many other unhealthy conditions. Lets find out why and how to keep your pH level within the safe level.



Learn about the dangers of excess acidity in the body and it's effect on health. Learn also about common sources in our everyday lives. Obtain pH test strips and begin testing your urine and saliva daily. 

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11 ways for you to become more alkaline.

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4 steps to achieve proper pH balance.

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4 signs your body is too acidic and how to fix it.

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Urine pH level test.

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Testing your pH for alkaline balance.





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