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Self-Care Academy for Churches

Equip your members with the holistic protocols to rebuild their health, prevent chronic disease, and thrive.

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It's time for the church to take back the conversation about health. 

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to help, your church members just keep struggling? Remember that Jesus was the great physician, who healed those around him. Good health is every bit as important to the church as anything else. 

This is because God isn't silent about health. And the church shouldn't be either! Health, wellness, prevention... can be found in in the inspired word. And if the church isn't speaking up, people will be forced to look elsewhere. Don't let culture teach your church how to promote better health. 

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In Self-Care Academy, your church members will learn to:

  • Take charge of their health

  • Adopt holistic habits gradually

  • Reduce their risks for chronic disease

  • Educate themselves with our informative courses

  • Work our Self-Care 7 in the app, with support from the church

  • Join our podcast, and ask guests questions directly 

  • Thrive, instead of relying on medications

What could the  people of God  do for the  Kingdom of God if they were healthier?

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