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Join our Genesis+ subscription program and get access to our coaching program AmVie, all of our webinars, and invitations to the Self-Care Forum podcast. 

Learn to restore, renew, rebuild your health and live the life you deserve. Get there with Genesis+. 

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A comprehensive health and wellness protocol that can rebuild your health and prevent disease.

Our wellness program is designed to rebuild the body's health - by restoring balance to the biochemical processes and renewing the functions of your cells and organs. 

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Learn how to improve your health gradually

  • Get exclusive access to our best products, including Self-Care Academy, AmVie, the Self-Care Forum, and much more.

  • Join thousands of people just like you who've rebuilt their health using our protocol.

  • Build habits that keep you motivated and on track with your health goals. 

  • Stream hours of easy-to-understand wellness courses.

  • Connect with coaches who will guide and walk you through your wellness journey.

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Personal Coaching App

With the AmVie coaching app, you'll be able to reach out to a coach via TEXT message for advice to help you stay on target and reach your goals. They will:

  • Monitor your progress and hold you accountable each step of the way

  • Help you get unstuck and break through any problems you may experience

  • Give you tailored feedback and advice on any issues that come up

  • Prescribe any action points for you based on your unique challenges

  • Motivate, inspire, and celebrate your wins

  • Help you smash your goals with confidence

  • Accelerate your ability to succeed on the program

Take a sneak peek at what's inside

Learn step-by-step how to improve your health, lose weight, and feel better than you've felt in years. Each lesson gives you actionable steps that you can put into practice. 

Module 1


Certain foods cause inflammation in the body. When inflammation is constant, it will eventually damage cells, tissues, organs, and lead to chronic disease. One of the most prevalent sources of inflammation in the body is sugar.

Module 2


There are seven organs the body uses to eliminate waste. These are called channels of elimination. Without proper elimination, the body would simply recirculate waste and toxins, this accumulation would lead to disease.

Module 3


Every aspect of the body requires water to function optimally. Water requirements vary due to a person’s gender, age, physique, lifestyle and activity level. Water is an essential nutrient, vital for all bodily functions.

Module 4


The gut is home to trillions of microbes that have a symbiotic relationship with you. They help with digestion, make vitamins, and can fight off harmful agents.

Module 5


Our diet has increasingly become deficient in nutrients. Consumption of foods rich in macronutrients and micronutrients is essential for optimal health. If unable to obtain them from your diet, then consider supplementation.

Module 6


People of all ages are spending more time indoors, living sedentary lives. This increases the risks of chronic disease, unless counteracted by physical activity.

Module 7


Stressful situations affect our lives, our health, and even sleep. Without proper rest, the body cannot repair itself or even function the way that it should.

Annual direct health-care costs for a patient with a chronic disease is...


Membership pricing

One annual, all-access membership

  • Access to all of our courses and modules in the Self-Care Academy

  • Learn how to apply the Self-Care 7 to your life 

  • Invitations to the Self-Care Forum podcast and Q&A with guest professionals

  • We're always adding more to your membership


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