Inositol Complex is a 100% vegetarian Food supplement that is intended to supply real food inositol. Inositol was once called vitamin B-8 and is a lipotrophic factor. Inositol supports emotional well being, eases stress, and promotes a positive mood. Inositol metabolism is sometimes affected by diabetes, renal disease, respiratory distress syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and hypercholesterolemia. Inositol has been used as nutritional support for people with brain, kidney, bone marrow, skin, hair, mood, muscular control, and blood cholesterol concerns. Inositol is involved with the formation of phospholipids as well as cholesterol metabolism.

  • Supports emotional well being
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Lipotrophic factor

Inositol Complex

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  • 1-3 tablets per day or as recommended by your health care professional. Adjust usage according to nutritional lifestyle requirements.


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