Dr. Cedrick's 

Genesis 7

You can take control of your health! This program is designed to rebuild your body's health. It puts the power of a trainer, wellness coach and nutritionist in your hands.

What Are the Genesis 7 Steps?

Our Genesis 7 program will show you how to restore, renew and rebuild your health. Just imagine, living a life free from diseases and chronic conditions.


Prepare for a successful program by tracking your progress.

step 1

Reduce inflammation in your body by reducing it in your diet. 

step 2

Cleanse your body's eliminative channels.

step 3

Hydrate the body by drinking more water.

step 4

Balance your body's metabolism and pH. 

step 5

Nourish your body by consuming proper nutrition. 

step 6

Build up your body through physical exercise. 

step 7 

Reduce stress and improve your sleep.


Compare your progress from the first one to the current one.

Why the Genesis 7 Steps Work

Forget everything you know about wellness plans. With our Genesis 7 Steps, you don't need a degree in medicine to take control of your health. Anyone can do this program. As you complete each step, you'll change how you handle food, little by little.



Learn how to better manage your health.



Build momentum with small wins along the way.



Make wellness decisions with confidence in every aspect of your life.

Get Started with the Genesis 7 Steps

Follow a plan that's helping many people reach their health!



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We'll create a custom plan for you to help you take charge of your health. It only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Reduce Inflammation In Your Body by Reducing It In Your Diet


Certain foods and products can have negative impacts on the body. Each week, count the number of times you consume the foods in each category. Write your tally in the respective day and week. The goal is to reduce inflammatory foods. 

Step 2: Cleanse Your Body's Eliminative Channels


Each day, cleanse at least one of your channels of elimination. If you are having trouble with any of them, consider supplemental physical activities. Your goal is to develop healthy habits that will cleanse your internal system.

Step 3: Hydrate the Body By Drinking More Water


This module will help you identify your level of dehydration based on symptoms that you experience. Use the color scale to also evaluate the level of hydration. Calculate the appropriate amount of water you should drink on a daily basis. Your goal is to develop healthy hydration habits.

Step 4: Balance Your Body's Metabolism and pH


Learn about the dangers of excess acidity in the body and it's effects on health. Learn also about common sources in our everyday lives. Obtain pH test strips and begin testing your urine and saliva daily. 

Step 5: Nourish Your Body By Consuming Proper Nutrition


A healthy diet should be full of live foods and low in dead foods. Your goal is to make sure your body gets all of the essential nutrients in your diet. This includes both macronutrients and micronutrients. 

Step 6: Build Up Your Body Through Physical Exercises


Exercise revitalizes the body and helps maintain the integrity of its organs. Your goal is to gradually increase your levels of physical activity using three different types of exercises. Start by measuring your baseline info.

Step 7: Reduce Stress and Improve Your Sleep


We encounter stress often, how we respond can affect our physical and mental health. We must learn to identify the good and bad forms of stress. In addition, developing and managing good sleep habits is vital.