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Join the millions who never worry about chronic disease again. 

With Self-Care Academy, you'll learn the proven protocol to adopt a holistic lifestyle and rebuild your health.

self-care academy l
self-care academy l

The seven-step protocol to rebuild your health. 

Self-Care Academy gives you access to a series of videos and courses that teach you how to adopt healthy, holistic habits, and rebuild your health. No complicated jargon, just wholesome, educational advice to equip you along your journey into better health. These principles are time-tested, and they work. Many of these courses address specific chronic diseases, thus provide great information for those living with those chronic conditions. 

self-care academy l
self-care academy l

Learn from wellness experts

self-care academy l

Gain confident with your health

self-care academy l

Find community and support

self-care academy l

Get exclusive tools and downloads

Get access to our library of courses and future content...

diabesity l
less sugar better health l
thyroid disorders l
celiac and gluten intolerance l
high blood pressure l
gut health l
diabetes and blood sugar disorders l
cholesterol and heart disease l
acid reflux and gerd l

Annual direct health care costs for a patient with a chronic disease is...


When chronic disease isn't holding you back, you too can experience health and vitality the way you were meant to. 

Self-Care Academy can help you become a Self-Care Advocate. Don't just survive, thrive!

Get Started With Self-Care Academy for $99

Self-Care Academy is part of Genesis+, which comes with access to the AmVie app, invitations to the Self-Care Forum podcast, a free digital copy of Self-Care Advocate, and free access to all of our online lessons for a year. 

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