Our philosophy is simple when it comes to creating a compelling seminar. First, we provide you with the greatest education, by providing step-by-step strategies and tools you can apply immediately to improve your health. That way, when you leave one of our events, you have all the resources you need to directly improve your health for the better. Our programs empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned to create momentum. You will not simply learn at our programs; you will do. You will apply tools and strategies until they become part of your identity. 


We offer seminars, webinars, and workshops. These are offered virtually (Zoom) or in-person. Dr. Cedrick delivers a high energy message of hope, which aims to inspire audiences to adopt healthier habits. Each seminar lasts between 45-60 minutes. Below are the speaking programs we offer. 


More than half of US adults have diabetes or prediabetes. There are 2 main types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.

  • Discover the role of the pancreas in producing insulin.  

  • Learn about the effects of elevated blood sugar on the body.

  • Learn about natural ways to keep blood sugar under control.


At least 48% of US adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. We'll discuss the relationship between cholesterol & heart disease.

  • Discover the important functions of LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides.

  • Learn of the many benefits cholesterol has on the body.

  • Discover the impact of inflammation and oxidation on the heart & arteries.


Sugar is widely consumed in much of the developed world. In fact, today we consume more sugar than is advised by the American Heart Association. Discover the role of sugar in the body and the impact of added sugar on your health. 


Discover the little-known cause of heartburn and GERD (it's not what your doctor is telling you!), and find out how to get rid of it forever - in three simple steps. The mainstream medical approach to treating heartburn and GERD involves taking acid suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, they not only fail to address the underlying cause, but can make it worse.


Nearly half of adults in the US (47%) have high blood pressure, defined as a systolic blood pressure greater than 130 mmHg or a diastolic reading greater than 80 mmHg. Learn about the heart, how to keep it healthy and discover natural ways to lower blood pressure. 


More than 93 million Americans are obese, and the rate of diabetes is growing steadily. Many of these people are suffering from a cluster of symptoms and chronic health problems, like insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction, along with abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes. We can refer to those collectively as diabesity. 


Research suggests that healing your gut may be the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. Learn how to optimize your health with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Also, learn how modern life is making you sick to your stomach. 


An estimated 20 million Americans have thyroid disorders, but more than half don't know it. Find out why thyroid problems are so often misdiagnosed, what really causes them, and how to heal them naturally. 


The science behind non-celiac gluten intolerance. Can you be gluten intolerant without having celiac disease? Can gluten cause symptoms not related to digestions?


6 in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease. The growing prevalence of chronic disease threatens to overwhelm the US healthcare system. The impact is felt in blood, sweat, and dollars. Become a self-care advocate by applying the Self-Care 7 protocol. Learn to experience health and vitality the way you were meant to.



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