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Our mission is to promote better health, we have been doing this for more than 4 years. Dr. Cedrick Batchateu is the CEO of this company. He also serves as a speaker, and host of the Self-Care Forum podcast. Today, we are focused on empowering individuals and organizations to make better decisions regarding their health. This can only be done through education and offering them resources to follow through. We believe in the power of prevention, the benefits of good nutrition, and the importance of education. We would love to work with you or your organization, in addressing the epidemic of chronic disease we now face as a nation.

Care that comes to you - at home, at work, or online

We are pushing healthcare forward by championing "last mile" care and delivering peace of mind in the midst of the pandemic. This approach focuses on utilizing technology platforms such as Zoom, in order to deliver seminars. This model also allows to us to set up community testing sites for COVID-19 throughout Westchester.