About Us

Cedrick Wellness Resources, LLC, has been promoting health and wellness in Westchester for more than 4 years. Dr. Cedrick Batchateu, Pharm.D., it's founder and CEO, is a wellness advocate and public speaker whose educational approach has helped many reach their desired wellness goals. Our goal is to promote a better understanding of the human body, a greater appreciation for nutrition and a mobilization towards self-care.
Today, CWR is focusing on the concierge wellness industry as we dedicate our efforts to health transformation. Our company is dedicated to providing quality products and services that will ultimately improve the lives of our clients. We believe in the power of prevention, the benefits of nutrition and the importance of education. Because of the current pandemic, we have decided to embrace virtual technology in order to increase access to our services. This allows us to serve clients both near (NY) and far (USA) with our using technology such as Zoom.

Mission: To promote better health.

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