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Self-Care 7 l

You can take charge of your health! This puts the power of a trainer, wellness coach, and nutritionist in your hands.

Self-Care 7 l

Step 1: Reduce inflammation in your body and from your diet.

Self-Care 7 l
Self-Care 7 l
Self-Care 7 l
Self-Care 7 l

Step 2: Practice the elimination of toxins through your elimination channels.

Step 3: Hydrate the body with water to ensure optimal performance.

Step 4: Promote healthy digestion in the stomach and the gut.

Step 5: Nourish your body by ensuring the proper consumption of nutrients.

Self-Care 7 l

Step 6: Building up your body through physical activity and stimulating exercise.

Self-Care 7 l

Step 7: Identify your stressors and work to improve your quality of sleep.

Why the Self-Care 7 Work

Forget everything you know about wellness plans. With the Self-Care 7, you don't need a degree in medicine to take charge of your health. Anyone can become a self-care advocate. As you complete each step, you'll change how you handle food, and gradually develop healthier habits. 

Self-Care 7 l


Learn how to better manage your health

Self-Care 7 l


Build momentum with small wins along the way

Self-Care 7 l


Make wellness decisions with confidence in every aspect of your life

Get Started with the Self-Care 7

Follow the proven protocol that's helping millions of people rebuild their health, and prevent chronic disease!


Grab your copy of the Self-Care Advocate book and learn about our 7-step protocol to take charge of your health. 


Our self-paced program. Take the course that's helping countless people adopt holistic habits that will rebuild their health. Prevent all forms of chronic disease with this course.

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Join our challenge. Over the next 5 days, we'll show you how to take charge of your health. Discover how you can reduce your risks for 95% of chronic diseases in just 5 moves.

Step 1: Reduce Inflammation from Your Diet

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Certain foods cause inflammation in the body. When inflammation is constant, it will eventually damage cells, tissues, organs, and lead to chronic disease. One of the most prevalent sources of inflammation in the body is sugar.

Step 2: Remove Toxins from Your Body

There are seven organs the body uses to eliminate waste. These are called channels of elimination. Without proper elimination, the body would simply recirculate waste and toxins, this accumulation would lead to disease.

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Step 3: Hydrate the Body With Water

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Every aspect of the body requires water to function optimally. Water requirements vary due to a person’s gender, age, physique, lifestyle and activity level. Water is an essential nutrient, vital for all bodily functions.

Step 4: Promote Healthy Digestion in the Stomach and the Gut

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The gut is home to trillions of microbes that have a symbiotic relationship with you. They help with digestion, make vitamins, and can fight off harmful agents.

Step 5: Ensuring the Proper Consumption of Nutrients

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Our diet has increasingly become deficient in nutrients. Consumption of foods rich in macronutrients and micronutrients is essential for optimal health. If unable to obtain them from your diet, then consider supplementation.

Step 6: Build Up Your Body through Exercise and Physical Activity

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People of all ages are spending more time indoors, living sedentary lives. This increases the risks of chronic disease, unless counteracted by physical activity.

Step 7: Allow for Restoration of Your Body

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Stressful situations affect our lives, our health, and even sleep. Without proper rest, the body cannot repair itself or even function the way that it should.

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