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The future of work depends on a healthy workforce

Self-Care Advocate is the holistic solution designed with your employees in mind - improving their productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving well-being.


Which Solution is Right for You?

Helping your team or organization of up to 100 employees get immediate physical health support with access to the Self-Care advocate Course.




Partnering with your organization to provide actionable tools that reduce risk factors, increase resiliency, and align with your chronic disease initiatives.


4 in 10 of the most costly health conditions are related to heart disease and stroke.

Chronic disease(s) can significantly reduce work productivity by increasing absenteeism, presenteeism, and net negative critical incidents

157 million workers could be reached by workplace health promotion programs.


36% of worksites have had their workplace health programs for more than 5 years.

72% of worksites with a workplace health program have a coordinator responsible for managing the program.

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