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Wellness Workshop  
Programs for Churches

Equip your people with holistic health principles to restore, renew, and rebuild their health so they can live a life free from chronic disease.


Our Workshops Helps Equip Your Church Members With The Tools And Resources They Need To Improve Their Health And Live a Life Free From Chronic Disease

By providing access to wellness workshops, your congregation and the community you serve are given the opportunity to tackle their health issues head-on and become healthy. Not only do health issues raise stress levels among church members, they can also impact faith and decrease hope. 

By taking an active role in helping people address these concerns will will improve a sense of well being and create a more positive church environment. Our tailored wellness workshop program will make lasting changes in the lives of people with whom we interact by offering sound advice, improving confidence, and providing insight into how to turn knowledge into actionable results for the long-term.

It's time for the church to take back the conversation about health.


Our team takes the time to understand your aims and objectives during the discovery phase. This process provides a strong base for constructing ministry objectives and designing workshops that are tailored to suit your needs.


We set up indicators to measure the impact of the workshop. The data gathered provides factual evidence for gauging success and your ministry impact. Your church will be able to promote facts about it improving health in the community. 


After gaining an understanding of your objectives and establishing measures of ministry success, we then tailor a program or workshop specifically to meet your church's needs and bring maximum results. Partner with us!

What could the  people of God  do for the Kingdom of God if they were disease-free?

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Work with our health coaches to achieve fantastic results (preferred)*.

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Complete the program at your own pace and pleasure. 

Educate. Engage. Empower!

Our philosophy is simple when it comes to creating a compelling seminar. First, we provide you with the greatest education, by providing step-by-step strategies and tools you can apply immediately to improve your health. That way, when you leave one of our events, you have all the resources you need to directly improve your health for the better. Our programs empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned to create momentum. You will not simply learn at our programs; you will do. You will apply tools and strategies until they become part of your identity. 

Next Steps

For churches seeking to support their teams with our wellness workshops - we have your solution. 

We offer a comprehensive wellness program that includes books, workbooks, courses, workshops, and a coaching app to deliver our Self-Care 7 protocol to your church and its members.

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